Bow Buddy Trailers

Trailer Protection to Stop Rocks Dead - Keep the Showroom Shine

The Bow Buddy Trailer Shield is the ultimate protection for your boat from flying gravel. You don't have to lose that showroom shine! It is designed to withstand the toughest gravel road conditions while protecting your boat from costly hard to repair rock chips.

The Bow Buddy is the RV accessory that can easily be installed onto a trailer hitch. Finally there is protection to keep the shine of a boat hull, as it is moved from the showroom to your vacation destination.

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  • Simple

  • Easy to Use

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How often have you seen your shiny new recreation vehicle get rock chip damage as it is being towed down the highway? Rocks or tar flying all over the surface cause bruises and other damage that takes hours as well as money to repair.

The bow-buddy assembles, removes, and stores in minutes. This protective device is fabricated from strong materials and will withstand many years of rough use on roads and highways. Keep your trailer, motor-boat, yacht, canoe, sailboat, or automobile in showroom condition.

The Bow Buddy is manufactured in British Columbia Canada and is sold to international markets. Contact us by Phone or Email. All information given is kept confidential. *Dealer inquiries to market this hot new item are welcome.